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Apr 2012

WebDocs Addresses Process Automation Demands

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New Castle, DE – April 22, 2012 – Data Management Internationale’, Inc., developers of the market leading WebDocs solution today officially launched WebDocs 6.0.5. This latest release continues the transformation of WebDocs from a robust document management solution into an interactive process automation solution.

Recently reported industry findings for 2011 identified improved efficiencies and optimized processes as the top two drivers for investment in organizations of all sizes for content management and process automation solutions. “The WebDocs team has paid special attention to what our existing customers, our partners, and the marketplace are telling us about how our solutions are being used, the value they are delivering, and what enhancements would allow us to deliver even greater value and improved bottom lines for our customers”, stated William Swezey, WebDocs President.

The WebDocs 6.0.5 enhancements deliver value in three major areas: content acquisition, process initiation, and process monitoring. WebDocs now provides intelligent distributed capture which allows users to scan unstructured documents locally and leverages centralized processing to lift, format, and share extracted data for processing as is commonly used to process AP invoices and other processes initiated from source documents. The second major enhancement is in the way processes can be initiated from outside the system through the use of E-forms. The use of PDF-based forms has been enhanced in the latest release making it even easier to implement E-forms that improve many applications such as hiring, admissions, or request processes. The third enhancement provides additional functionality that improves the way WebDocs monitors process activity, initiates escalations, and identifies file deficiencies. This new functionality allows WebDocs to be easily configured and deployed to solve complex process challenges. WebDocs can now be configured to monitor processes and content in order to identify conditions that require notifications or escalations for immediate resolution to mitigate compliance exposure.

WebDocs improves organizational productivity by connecting users with the information, documents, and work assignments they need to maximize their results. WebDocs can be licensed for unlimited users, outsourced as a cloud-based service, or deployed as a network appliance.

About WebDocs

WebDocs is developed and distributed globally by Data Management Internationale’, Inc., a dynamic privately held corporation with business interests in the document management industry. Data Management Internationale’ develops, delivers and supports solutions focused on innovation, a commitment to excellence and affordability. WebDocs solutions can be deployed locally, outsourced as an On-Demand SaaS solution or deployed in the form of a network appliance.

The WebDocs team has a proven track record of developing applications that have been implemented by organizations of all sizes around the world. Our mission is to continually leverage technology innovations to build market leading solutions that solve today’s management challenges and ensure the growth and success of our customers.

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