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Mar 2016

Making Changes…

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servers5It’s human nature to want to shy away from changes, right? The reality is – changes are going to happen no matter what. At WebDocs, we are making changes to keep our cloud document management services running smoother than ever. In the last six months, we released WebDocs 7.2.5; and along with it, an accompanying guide for the user or administrator. We also made a self-paced core understanding training  and syllabus available.

Now we are excited to share, what we are doing behind the scenes at our parent company DMI. For the last month, we have been working hard to upgrade our servers from 100MB switches to GB switches! This means we are able to upload, and download, at approximately 125 MB a second; that is ten times faster than before. We will continue to strive to make our products and services better, reliable and more efficient. Continue to check back for more updates as we change and grow!

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Juanita completed her M.A. in Publications Design at University of Baltimore last May, and shortly after, joined Data Management Internationale' and the WebDocs team in September 2015 as the Corporate Brand/ Communications Manager. She enjoys providing our customers with updates on our company via social media and emails. Outside of the office, she is a book nerd, in love with fashion, and can't stop her M&M (Mugs & Magazine Collection), from growing.