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Apr 2016

Cloud vs. On-Premise

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WebDocs is a private-cloud based service, that offers organizations document management and automation solutions. If you are a business owner, or executive looking for options to reduce the enterprise paper-trail, but want all the facts… well, this blog post is for you.

The Bad:

We found that a major concern for potential users is cloud security. The number one threat is data breaches; and after that follows a few other risks that make an enterprise shudder. As with all technology however, there are risks, but taking security measures and being proactive, is key. In our case, its how we protect your cloud, that it stays secure.

The Good:

We are just as concerned about cloud security too! Not to mention, performance, reliability and disaster recovery as well. WebDocs, has invested in best-of-breed products and services that meet the needs of customers in some of the most highly regulated industries. For instance, daily vulnerability tests are performed by MacAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. We also conduct quarterly third-party vulnerability assessments, which continue to exceed industry security standards. Read our brochure on delivering agile, secure document and workflow automation in the cloud.

The Comparison:

We still understand this is a big decision, and having the positives and negatives may not be enough. The evaluation below lays out the cost element associated with the aspects of using the cloud vs. on-premise. Read more about cloud comparison here.

The Cloud Evaluation

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