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Apr 2016


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Small businesses are seeing an increase in four technology trends that are expected to have a big impact. Among the four is cloud computing, along with security, mobility and IT services.

There seem to be two categories of companies emerging when it comes to cloud services. Companies that adopted cloud services, and those that build their business models around cloud-based services, also know as “cloud natives.” If your business is considering adopting a cloud service, such as WebDocs, you aren’t alone: “A study by Intuit and Emergent Research found that 37 percent of SMBs in the United States already use the cloud in their operations, a number that will jump to 78 percent over the next four years” (Alan Joch, BizTech).

Cloud-based services may be more cost-efficient and keep your organizations ahead of technology trends as well. Perhaps you notice some employees are spending too much time looking for a document, returning valuable information to a customer or too many people are involved in one project to get it completed effectively. Cloud-based services can help with these areas. “Driving these growth rates are cloud benefits such as reduced upfront investments in hardware and software. Quick access to application updates and new capabilities that help them serve customers better and contribute to market growth is another available payoff” (Laurie McCabe, SMB Group).

Find out more about trending technology for small business in this article from Biz Tech: Small Businesses Must Heed Cloud, Security, Mobility and IT Services Trends in 2016. Not only does it provide the point provided in this post but explains how “small firms can stand shoulder to shoulder with their biggest competitors to deliver the products and services customers want most,” staying on trend with technology.



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Apr 2016

WebDocs at Work

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We like to have some fun while at work, and to get everyone involved, we enjoyed National Pajama Day on Friday 22nd along with Earth Day! PJ Day is actually April 16th, but since that was a Saturday, why not have a bit of fun on Friday instead?

Check out our photos on facebook of the great PJ festivities.


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Apr 2016

Cloud vs. On-Premise

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WebDocs is a private-cloud based service, that offers organizations document management and automation solutions. If you are a business owner, or executive looking for options to reduce the enterprise paper-trail, but want all the facts… well, this blog post is for you.

The Bad:

We found that a major concern for potential users is cloud security. The number one threat is data breaches; and after that follows a few other risks that make an enterprise shudder. As with all technology however, there are risks, but taking security measures and being proactive, is key. In our case, its how we protect your cloud, that it stays secure.

The Good:

We are just as concerned about cloud security too! Not to mention, performance, reliability and disaster recovery as well. WebDocs, has invested in best-of-breed products and services that meet the needs of customers in some of the most highly regulated industries. For instance, daily vulnerability tests are performed by MacAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. We also conduct quarterly third-party vulnerability assessments, which continue to exceed industry security standards. Read our brochure on delivering agile, secure document and workflow automation in the cloud.

The Comparison:

We still understand this is a big decision, and having the positives and negatives may not be enough. The evaluation below lays out the cost element associated with the aspects of using the cloud vs. on-premise. Read more about cloud comparison here.

The Cloud Evaluation

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Apr 2016

WebDocs 7.2.7

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WD 7.2.7 Guide Cover_smWebDocs 7.2.7 is here with many resolved issues on the WebDocs platform, which powered by FileBound. Some of these resolved issues include:

  •  Users could not create a user in Central Administration with the @ symbol in the username.
  •  Users could no enter negative numbers in line item numeric fields.
  •  Search page would become unresponsive in Internet Explorer and FireFox when an invalid date search was conducted.

Some updates include:

  • Added the ability for users to use dashes in the fullname field in the user setup in Central Administration.
  • Added the ability to use “Current Date” for separators and dividers in Web Forms.
  • Forward slashes are now supported in project names when creating a project in Central Administration.

Download the release notes for WebDocs 7.2.7 for the full list of resolved issues.

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Mar 2016


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A productive and efficient work environment is what all companies want, and need, from their employees. However, most companies struggle with streamlining processes for their employees, in this now high-tech savvy world. At WebDocs, we throw around terms like, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM), but what does it really mean for a business?

Last week, we posted on our company Linkedin page an article from Workflow magazine, that talked about the benefits of ECM. This week, we have a similar article, but shares the benefits of BPM and ECM in the workplace.

BPM is mostly back-end based, and views the flow of information in the company and helps maintain a process that is effective and efficient for the organization. Read more about BPM here.

ECM is the process, in the organization, which manages all data and content in a system for the end user. Read more about ECM here.

Used together, BPM is the pit crew and ECM is the race car. They can function independently, but really – they can make a great team, working together.

“Today’s workforce is inundated with technology, yet many offices are full of complex, complicated, niche apps and solutions aiming to improve office solutions. These solutions are often very different from the simple, consumer-focused technology that users are familiar with in their everyday lives. Employees are used to mobile apps and tools that are intuitive and user-friendly, and are now demanding that same experience from their office applications.” – Andy Jones, VP of Workflow Automative, in How Integrating Personal and Office Workflows Can Boost Productivity and Profitability.

In this article, the author continues to explain the benefits of BPM and ECM in the workplace with statements like “drive greater efficiencies across the organization” and “[automating helps] meet employee and company needs from day one. In particular, he points out “ECM supports an organization’s need for increased security, control and insight.”

Now, maybe running out and investing in BPM, ECM, BPA and all sort of processes for your company is not ideal in this moment. However, we suggest researching what areas can be improved in your company. WebDocs provides a multitude of resources, case studies, and we invite you to contact us! We are always happy to set up a demo, and share what document management solutions can fit your organization.



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