Feature FAQ

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1. What is WebDocs™ ?

WebDocs™, an online service, is a unique cloud document imaging service and a leader in providing affordable document management to businesses of all sizes.

2. What are the benefits of WebDocs™?

WebDocs™  delivers a highly secure, reliable and powerful alternative to businesses that find traditional imaging too expensive. And, WebDocs™ allows you to access your documents and files safely and securely over any Internet browser. As an essential tool for document intensive businesses,  WebDocs™ leverages the power of the Internet and provides clients with full-service technology that offers customized solutions, and consulting and integration services for document imaging. WebDocs™ is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional imaging, allowing companies to enjoy the benefits of world-class imaging and document management without the expense.

3. What type and size of business or organization could best benefit from WebDocs™?

Any business or organization – small, medium, or large – that is document intensive could benefit from WebDocs™ . It is designed for companies that require high-volume, paper intensive business processes, and that have demanding paper-based transactions such as those found in mortgage banking, financial institutions, higher education, account payables, or records management. Businesses that have multi-location operations also benefit from WebDocs™ by sharing documents online and saving overnight charges as well as faxing expenses.

4. How is WebDocs™ better than similar services?

WebDocs™ is easy to use and retrieving your files is quick and simple. A short deployment time, fixed monthly costs and elimination of ongoing hardware and software and internal IT support costs make WebDocs™ a most cost-effective online document management solution. WebDocs™ offers clients a customizable cloud document management solution that can easily be up and running in as little as 3 days.

5. What companies currently use WebDocs™ ?

WebDocs™ clients include industry leaders in banking and financial services companies, third party administrators, government agencies and higher education institutions among others. WebDocs™ is suited to any business that needs to manage documents and records.

6. How secure are my documents?

WebDocs™ keeps documents secure by using sophisticated firewalls, network system security, and application level security. Your organization’s administrator monitors the security at the application level for each user. Each authorized user has a distinct level of security suitable to their individual job requirements.

7. Will other people outside my department be able to look at my document images?

Other individuals may view your images only if your system administrator has granted them access rights. When users login to WebDocs™, they see only a selection of applications for which they’ve been given permission to access.

8. Are the images of my documents backed up or copied in any way?

Your images are stored in a magnetic “RAID array” (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). RAID technology provides for safe and continuous backup of images. In case of a disaster, your images and database indexes are automatically rebuilt. WebDocs™ also makes scheduled backups of your images to tape for additional security. You may optionally require your images to be written to CD-ROM for additional security.  And, if our parent compant performs your scanning and indexing services, you will receive a backup CD as part of that service free of charge!

9. How do I know my scanned and indexed documents actually arrive at WebDocs™ ?

When your documents arrive at the WebDocs™ storage repository, your electronic document package is unwrapped and audited to verify that each document that was shipped was in fact received. Our sophisticated  WebDocs™ technology is based upon software developed by Microsoft. It has been field tested by many large corporations for several years and found to be highly reliable.

10. What happens if the WebDocs™ web site goes down?

The WebDocs™ system is housed in a Tier IV data center, the highest level of reliabiity currently available.  WebDocs provides a 99.999% uptime guarantee meaning that downtime is limited to less than 6 minutes per year!  In addition, DMI WebDocs™ has contracted with Sunguard, a leading disaster recovery vendor, to quickly provide alternative facilities in the case of a major disaster.

11. What happens if “my” Internet connection goes down?

WebDocs™ will not improve your existing network reliability, or the reliability of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). We can recommend ISPs, however, that we have found to be extremely reliable. Internet accessibility has become an expected utility of sorts and it is no longer necessary to live with inadequate service. If possible, seek out a Tier One Internet provider in your area. A Tier One provider does not rely upon other ISP’s to provide access to the Internet.

12. How can I be sure the WebDocs™ .com imaging platform will continue to be viable?

That’s a great question. WebDocs™ uses industry standard products for selecting all back-end server technologies that we employ. Our front-end capture product, Kofax Capture, is a market leader with over 80,000 installations worldwide. In addition, by choosing WebDocs™, you in essence shift the technology risk from your company to ours. It is in our best interest as a growing, profitable company to keep current technology available to maintain our relationship beyond the term of your contract.

13. What happens to my document images when my contract expires?

If you renew your contract, all files will remain online, unless they have reached their “purge” time, in which case they will be automatically purged. If you choose to end your contract with us, we will write your images and indexes to CD-ROM and deliver them to you. If you have contracted DMI to perform your document scanning and indexing, you will have been getting CD backups of your documents all along, in which case you simply let your documents in WebDocs™ expire.

14. Can I store electronic documents on the WebDocs™ system?

Yes. WebDocs™ allows you to index, store and retrieve any of your electronic documents. Any type file format can be stored safely and easily retrieved on WebDocs™ . In most cases you may open and in some cases edit these files right in WebDocs.  However, WebDocs cannot view all file types.  To view these files, you must have the specific software installed on the desktop PC – just like you’d need to open the file for reviewing. For example, if your document is an Autocad file, you must have Autocad installed on that machine to open and view the file. WebDocs can use browser helper plug-ins to view files right inside WebDocs that are not natively supported by our viewer if one is available.

15. I have standard forms that require scanning, but I also need the data extracted and returned to me in a file. Can you help?

Yes. We currently have a number of clients that need the "data" contained in a form much more than the scanned document image. Our Document Conversion Services offers a number of sophisticated data extraction technologies to OCR/ICR forms, recognize and report data. These "verified" data files can then be arranged in a format of your choosing and transferred to you for uploading to your host. Goodbye data entry!  Please contact your WebDocs™ representative for more information and a quote on this optional service.

16. Can you help my staff if we have scanning or retrieval problems?

WebDocs™ provides online and toll free customer support from 8 AM Eastern Standard Time to 5 PM Pacific Time. Help is never more than a phone call or email away.