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WebDocs 7.3 Release Notes

WebDocs 7.3 release notesRead all about the great new features in WebDocs 7.3 in this 23 page PDF.






WebDocs 7 3 Release Notes

Version 7.3 Highlights

  • • Toolbox Options in Accordion Layout in Forms Designer
  • • Pre-Populated List Options Available in Forms Designer
  • • Include Tables in Web Forms
  • • Web Forms with Offline Capabilities
  • • Define Categories to Group Forms in the Forms Portal
  • • Store the Forms' Submitter based on WebDocs Login in Forms Portal
  • • Create Reports Based on Forms' Submission Data
  • • Form Submissions Overview Dashboard
  • • Assignment Due Date Visible in Workflow Map
  • • Run Incomplete Workflow Status Report from File Detail
  • • Ability to Route Documents from the Search Results Screen
  • • eSign Stencil Added to Send for Document Signatures in Workflow
  • • And More!!!

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